glitterary: (Inconvenient by meletor_et_al)
2007-05-24 02:53 am

Friendslist amnesty

Hey all,

Just so you know, I'm pruning my friends list. My life's been a bit hectic lately, and for quite a long time there have been people on my list whose journals I just don't have the time to read. I don't feel that it's fair to keep those people on my flist, somehow. The only people I'm keeping are real-life friends and online friends I've known for years, so it's a fairly hard cut, I'm afraid. I'm truly sorry to have to unfriend anyone, and it doesn't mean I don't value them; I just can't keep up, especially as I know university is ending soon and I'm going to have to start keeping up with a whole host of people online who I currently see almost everyday. So it's a friendslist amnesty; if anyone wants to unfriend me, they're free to do so as well.